Creative Writing Teams

 The Golden Age of Greek Civilization: Ancient Greek Artology 

     A writing team is a partnership of creative writers that work together to speed up the publishing and link building process. This is achieved by selecting a Writing Coach to train less experienced writers. This will improve the chances of publication.

     Most web platforms fail because people overlook Offline Optimization. SEO will not help unless a steady supply of permanent backlinks are created every year. 

     All Small Linkwheels should have 5+ permalinks in order to attract enough visitors to make money. A writing team can publish a short report within 1 – 2 weeks to create enough links to keep traffic moving. It is not difficult to repeat this process with professional training.

Stephen Lee Kratcoski

*How to write an Article Review – 5 Easy Steps: Mullie Pfeiffer

Reference Link:

*Article Marketing Course for Money: 200 Pages

Author: Coda Moya

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