Forum Writing Series


Oasis: Ancient Egyptian Artology

Forum Posts: Part I

     Warrior Forum is the largest research and marketing network on the web. This large Free Marketing Forum is an excellent source to start your research and training. Start posting weekly by adding your Signature File to the end of your 1 – 2 paragraph quick posts.

     Join 3+ Free Forums and start posting 1 – 2+ times weekly to create steady web traffic. Only join Forums that you have background knowledge about. It is better to offer information and freebies to members who follow your posts until you are familar with Forum Etiquette.

     Every post you submit will direct 3 – 4 visitors to your blogs every year. Also read posts for information, freebies and networking opportunities.

Paragraphs: 2+

Characters: 150+

Lines: 2 – 8

*Forum Web Directory:

*IM4 Newbies Forum:

*Warrior Forum:

Forum Signatures: Part II

     Always end your posts with a Forum Signature File to direct steady traffic to your blogging platform. Start submitting 2+ Forum Posts weekly with a one line description about yourself with a hyperlink to your favorite blogs.

     Never argue with anyone because this will turn off Forum Members. Always follow all the rules very carefully so you do not get banned permanently.

Stephen Lee Kratcoski

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