Consumer Friendly Social Media

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     Consumer Friendly Social Media: Part I

     *Social Media for Small Business: 42 Pages

     Pam Dyer Social Media:

     *7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success: 25 Pages

     Author: John Jantsch

     Reference Link:

     Promotional sales is not an effective marketing tool in large social networks. Most consumers everywhere prefer friendly and professional customer service over discounted sale promotions.

     Their are too many companies that market promotional gimmicks to make quick profit. It is easier to make money by selling high quality merchandise and services with flexible payment options. Be intelligent and provide excellent service to build customer loyalty.

     Customer Complaints: Part II

     Quality customer service is the superior way to stay in business for a long time. Offer full refunds, credit or discounts to solve customer problems. Many professionals and companies have been slammed in this market for being very slow.

     Traditional management philosophy will backfire if customers have to wait a long time for feedback. Social communities must be handled in a quick and friendly manner.

Stephen Lee Kratcoski

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