How To build a Super Blog Linkwheel

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     The easiest way to build a Small Blog Linkwheel is to join a popular blogging network. Start evey week by writing 1 – 2+ blog posts and pages a week until you have created 10+ permalinks.

     It is simple to write interesting blogs within several with patient practice. All your blogs should 100+ characters and 2+ lines in length. Carefully check for mistakes before you publish your blogs.

     Creative writing courses and will be a big bonus while your creating new permalinks. Popular networks will help new writers attract loyal followers and build links at the same time. Create 5+ permalinks to build a small linkwheel. If the link is too long then shorten it with a link shorterner.

*Link Shortener:

     Just pace yourself so you do not tire out by blogging only 1 – 4 hours daily to improve your creative writing skills. Have fun learning and you will be rewarded for your efforts and patience.

Stephen Lee Kratcoski

Small Linkwheel: 5 – 10 Blog links

Super Linkwheel: 50+ Blog links

Short Blog: 100 – 300 Words

Standard Blog: 301 – 500 Words

Long Blog: 500 – 1000 Words

Short Post Series: 1 – 5 Posts

Short Page Series: 1 – 5 Pages

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