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Valentine Rose

Blonde Cupid: Portrait

Valentine Rose: April Cupid 

     *Free Pamorama downloads: Social Media

     *How to write Blog Headlines: How to make my Blog

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     *Key Points for creative site content: SEO Networker

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     Keyword research is just one design element in building a publishing platform. Creative writing skills will improve your web traffic even with limited computer knowledge. Most people are only skim readers so imaginative blogs will keep their attention more then a few seconds.

     Virtually no one spends much time reading sleepy blogs. Creative blogging will keep many eyes scanning the computer for longer then 10+ seconds. Educational themes and content are always popular elements in simple web design.

Stephen Lee Kratcoski

*The Zen of Blogging: 23 Pages

Author: Hunter Nuttall

Reference Link:

*Free Pamorama Social Media:




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