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     Writing a short theme series is not difficult even for a beginner. These short series are simple to expand into interesting theme reports.

     Start all your creative theme series by adding color artwork and photos for visual effects. It is easy to customize all your blogs by inserting a dash between every word of your title. You can shorten the link if the title is very long.

Stephen Lee Kratcoski

*Custom Longtail Title: 3 – 7 Word Blog Titles

*Custom Permaxample: Creative WordPress Blog

Permaslashlink: forum/writing/series

Permadashlink: forum-writing-series


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How To build a Super Blog Linkwheel

Luncheon at the Boat Party: Pierre Auguste Renoir

XXI CENTURY Boat Party: Bing Images

     The easiest way to build a Small Blog Linkwheel is to join a popular blogging network. Start evey week by writing 1 – 2+ blog posts and pages a week until you have created 10+ permalinks.

     It is simple to write interesting blogs within several with patient practice. All your blogs should 100+ characters and 2+ lines in length. Carefully check for mistakes before you publish your blogs.

     Creative writing courses and will be a big bonus while your creating new permalinks. Popular networks will help new writers attract loyal followers and build links at the same time. Create 5+ permalinks to build a small linkwheel. If the link is too long then shorten it with a link shorterner.

*Link Shortener:

     Just pace yourself so you do not tire out by blogging only 1 – 4 hours daily to improve your creative writing skills. Have fun learning and you will be rewarded for your efforts and patience.

Stephen Lee Kratcoski

Small Linkwheel: 5 – 10 Blog links

Super Linkwheel: 50+ Blog links

Short Blog: 100 – 300 Words

Standard Blog: 301 – 500 Words

Long Blog: 500 – 1000 Words

Short Post Series: 1 – 5 Posts

Short Page Series: 1 – 5 Pages

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